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SPIRITUAL TOOLS – Fibonacci & God

Apr7 2013 | Leave A Comment

Dear Friends, Fibonacci Sequences (0,1,1,2,3,5,8…) exist throughout nature in the unfolding spirals of seashells, and spiral galaxies. But there is a metaphysical connection within Torah and the unfolding path to the perfection of the world, too! Here it is! – David Sacks

TORAH TEFILLAH: Heartland of Prayer (Lesson 11)

Apr5 2013 | Leave A Comment

Print Materials for this class: Points of Goodness


Jan7 2013 | Leave A Comment

In the modern age of instant gratification, many people do rash things and then regret their actions later; that’s too bad, for some things are difficult to repair…

RABBI ASI – A talk for Shabbat Shekalim: On Being Completely Half

Feb7 2013 | Leave A Comment

Here is a wonderful idea from the Rebbe in honor of the upcoming Shabbas.

YISHAI FLEISHER PRESENTS: Pillar of Defense – Nov 21 2012 (PART I)

Nov20 2012 | Leave A Comment

Yishai and Malkah begin by discussing Operation Pillar of Cloud, the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, which has been continuing for almost a week. Yishai and Malkah talk about how Hamas has both a media and military agenda such as how images from completely different and unrelated events have been used to attempt to […]

FEARLESS LIFE – Safety in Turbulent Times (Show #7)

Aug28 2012 | Leave A Comment


Are You Making Sure NO ONE is compromising the Sanctity of Your Shul? – WHY NOT?!

Nov19 2012 | Leave A Comment

• Observant Jews are technologically challenged within our shuls! There’s an easy solution. ET Phone Home! • How many of you speak to a friend when you are done with the Shemoneh Esrei? Really? Why do you think this is suddenly okay?! • Every observant Jew should listen to this show. Odds are, you’re in […]

John Kerry: Kyrzakhstan and Palestine

Mar1 2013 | Leave A Comment

the algemeiner By Moshe Phillips “On John Kerry’s first international trip as U.S. Secretary of State he made a gaffe worthy of Joe Biden. The headline of London’s Telegraph read “John Kerry invents country of Kyrzakhstan” and the Daily Mail asked “Where’s that exactly, Mr Secretary of State? John Kerry makes up new country ‘Kyrzakhstan.” […]

Jewish Pulse Radio Streaming mp3 news and commentary

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